Captains Meeting

When: Tuesday 16th April

The Windsor Castle, 98 Park Road, NW1 4SH. Upstairs room, 6.45pm - 8pm.

Each team entered into the LASL league will need to send at least one representative. Any team that does not will be deducted points.


Rookie Trial Dates

When: Contact your division head

Each year we select an ‘Allstar Rookie’ team drawn from LASL players who only play in the league and haven't attended The Players Tournament (TPT), or Advertising World Series (ASWS) before. You don’t have to be brand new to the game, just not a seasoned player who plays outside of the Ad League.


3-Legged Softball

When: Contact your division head

The legendary 3-legged softball is likely to return this year as part of the summer tournament lineup..

Possibly one of the funniest games of softball you will ever see - or play in. Every player is tied to a member of the opposite sex (or same sex if preferred) throughout the game, which requires a certain level of contortion, especially when batting.

To add a bit of spice, players have to down a tequila slammer before coming up to bat. Slammers are also administered by our roving crew of tequila boys and girls to and for good plays by fielders, or if someone seems too sober.

Entry is strictly limited so get your request in early (initial maximum of 6 entrants per team, or three 3-legged players).



When: April 17th,24th,May 1st, 8th

Contact your division head to ask about any training options available.


Summer Tournament

When: Contact your division head

The summer tournament is open to all LASL teams, across all leagues. It is a great day out and a chance to pit your team against Ad League teams from other divisions.

You'll get to play at least 4 games over the day.

Details of the 2018 Summer Tournament will be confirmed at the captains meeting, alternatively contact your division head for details.


End of Season Party

When: Thursday 16th August

The LASL End of Season Awards Party is for many the highlight of the season, and you don't have to be a winner to attend this great event.

The party is your chance to socialise with your team mates and rival teams, plus it offers the chance to finally see what players look like with their clothes on (so to speak). Often a major revelation!

So book your tickets (£8 in advance, £10 on the door) and let you hair down.

Venue: TBC